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Baby Romenesko Post 4: Telling Our Parents

Written September 28.  5.5 weeks.

Pete and I had this whole plan worked out about how after the weekend that B and I are going to spend in Lake Geneva in October, I was going to forget something REALLY important like my straightener (as someone who uses this on an almost daily basis to look semi-decent for the world, it’s VERY important) at my parents’ house.  We were going to take the following Monday afternoon off of work, drive back down to Lake Geneva, tell our parents the awesome news, and then drive back up the the north woods.

What’s that saying about making plans?  “If you want to make God laugh, make plans.”  Yeah, definitely felt the chuckle over the weekend.

On Thursday I called to make my doctor’s appointment.  Did you know that the doctor doesn’t want to see you until you’re 9-10 weeks along?  I wanted to be like, “So I just have the internet to tell me what’s going on with my body until the end of October?  I don’t think that’s the best idea….”  Anyways, I have to wait until the end of October to see a professional.

Around 7 on Friday night my mom called me.  I JUST missed her call, so I called her back right away.

Sara: Hi Mom.
Mom: Hi Sar.  Did you listen to your voicemail?
S: Nooooo, nothing beeped in.
M: Well, you have to listen to your voicemail!
S: MOM.  Just tell me why you called!
M: Where are you?
S: In my living room.  Pete’s in the kitchen.  Where are you?
M: At home.  By myself.  Alllll aloooooone.
S: … OK? Why did you call me?  What do you want?
M: SIGH Fine.  Well, there was a message on the machine.
S: … OK…..
M: From a Doctor OB/GYN’s office?
S: *stomach drops, heart races* Oh.  OK… Why?
M: Welllllll, they called because they want to update your records?  Before your appointment at the end of October….
S: OK….
M: Well, I’m hoping that you’re not sick… and that you’re pregnant… Are you pregnant?
S: *crying* Ummmm, hang on a second… Let me put you on speaker phone.

S: Well, Pete’s here… and, we have some exciting news… We’re having a baby!
M: *crying* I was hoping that was it! Congratulations! Oh this is wonderful!
S: *crying* I just never imagined that I would be telling you over the phone that we’re having a baby!
M: What? I don’t care about that! I’m so happy!

So then I told her about how we’re expecting a baby, and she’ll increase her number of grandchildren by 50%.

When I hung up the phone, I was still crying.

Pete: What’s wrong??
Sara: I’m just really sad that I had to tell my mom that we’re having a baby over the phone.
Pete: Yeah, that’s kind of sad.
Sara: … But… I’m really happy she knows.  Because I just really need my mom right now.

Later Friday night, we decided that we would drive (further) up north to tell Pete’s parents.  Because we had seen them only the week before, they were preeeeeeeetty suspicious.  And when we told them they were SO excited.  Their first grandchild!

Then tonight I FaceTimed my dad and told him.  I am going to see him later this week in Madison, but the likelihood of my brother and sister joining him is pretty high, so I figured I would let him know before hand.  He was pretty excited too.

Not how I envisioned telling my parents at all.  I’m glad we were able to tell Pete’s parents in person (holy alliteration!) at least.  Seeing their reaction was pretty priceless.  But it really does make me kind of sad that I told my mom on the phone.

Today though, I’m REALLY REALLY glad that she knows, because sometimes… a girl just needs her mom.

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Baby Romenesko Post 3: Secrets

Written September 26, 2014.  5 weeks.

Do you know what is PURE torture for an over-sharer?


I’m going insane, and am fairly certain that I will also drive Peter insane.

Last night I went over to B’s to celebrate the return of one of our favorite shows – Scandal.  It was fabulous.  You know how you KNOW that someone is a true friend?  You can show up at their apartment immediately after exercising/sweating profusely for an hour and they are still happy to see you and are not judgy at ALL.

Side note: sweating is one of the “side effects” of pregnancy.  Joy.  Just what I DIDN’T need… more sweat.

She made a fabulous dinner of steak, sweet potatoes, and glazed carrots, followed by pumpkin cupcakes for dessert.  It was the perfect night!

My problem, however, was that being only 5 weeks along, according to the internet and then confirmed by the nurse I talked to on the phone today when I made my doctor’s appointment (ah!) I didn’t want to tell her about the human that was the size of an apple seed developing in my womb.  Let’s get serious.  I WAS DYING TO TELL HER but I knew that I shouldn’t.

Anyways, B and I had been talking about this enjoying a bottle of wine (Frozen Tundra White by Parallel 44) with our dinner for weeks.  If I didn’t have a glass, she would know.  After trolling the internet, I decided that one glass would be fine.

After a glass, B was like “Want another?” and I said yes.  (B is going to die when she finds this out.)  So, she poured me another glass.  I took a little itty bitty sip of it.  A little bit later, she went to the bathroom and I RAN (“ran”) TO THE SINK AND DUMPED OUT THE GLASS OF WINE.

And then there was only a teency bit left in the bottle, so B and I “finished it off”, which meant that I took another itty bitty sip, and then ended up dumping the rest out with the lame excuse of “not wanting to finish the last 2 sips because I was driving home.”  I felt like a dope.

Another side note: I am a horrible liar, so hopefully people are actually believing this bologna.

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Baby Romenesko Post 2: Testing, testing… 1… 2… Testing…

Written September 24.  5 weeks.

I’m neurotic.  I mean.  Completely cray.

Also, this post might get a little uncomfortable because of womanly things so… fair warning.

After getting the glorious double pink lines on Sunday’s test, and then again on Tuesday’s test that I took to make sure I wasn’t insane on Sunday… Obviously I had to be more sure because Tuesday and Wednesday I started feeling… shitty.

Did you know that women often mistake symptoms of early pregnancy for PMS?  Yeah, the internet taught me that.

I am one of the super lucky women on earth that gets horrible cramping, off-the-wall emotional and just downright miserable the first few days before and first few days of my period.  Midol is my BFF4L. I also really enjoy sweatpants and hoodies, and I could eat, well, anything.  I can’t forget to mention that I can hardly get out of bed in the morning, and am drag-ging throughout the day.  I want to sleep. all. the. time.  Seriously, it’s a really fun time.

I already warned you that this might get uncomfortable.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was feeling all of my symptoms.  Including one of my coworkers saying “Hey, are you feeling alright?  You have been looking really tired.”

I blamed it on needing a new pillow.  Not the fact that my body is like, “Holy shit!  We have to get ready to incubate this little human!”

And then I was like OMGEEEEEE why the HECK am I PMSing??  I took TWO pregnancy tests!

So obviously on Thursday morning I took a third.

Spoiler: it was positive again.

My bathroom counter currently looks like this:

Note: tests were in a Ziploc baggie… because… ew.

Because you know… I have to have a constant reminder that this is actually happening, and I’m not dreaming.

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Baby Romenesko Post 1: WE ARE HAVING A BABY


We are so happy.  Beyond happy.  Over the moon excited.  It’s still surreal.  It’s still terrifying.  But man.  We are going to be parents, and I’ve been smiling like an idiot since the end of September when we found out.

We slowly told family and friends, and Thanksgiving was the big sha-bang when we were able to tell all of our extended family.  I loved telling people in person, especially because I got to tell everyone that we were thankful for our own little turkey that would be done in May.

A lot of you have probably already seen my post on Facebook and/or Instagram announcing the pregnancy, and I’d like to thank you all SO MUCH for your support and happiness!  It really is such a miracle.  Science is awesome.  God is more awesome.  We are still trying to figure out how we’re so blessed with each other, such a fantastic support system, and the human being that we created currently occupying my womb.  Weird.

Our journey so far has been an interesting one, but I think that every woman’s pregnancy is, right?  Especially since this is my first pregnancy, I question everything, worry a lot, and am often asking myself is this supposed to be happening to my body?  For my own sanity, since I’ve had to keep this secret for so long, I started writing blog posts about the experience.  It’s been pretty fun, a great outlet, and I’m also really happy to have an account of the early stages of pregnancy.

I was contemplating for some time how to share all of these posts without bombarding Facebook… So I’ve just posted the first 3.  Below are the links to Baby Romenesko Posts 2 & 3.  Enjoyyyyyy!

Baby Romenesko Post 2: Testing, Testing… 1… 2… Testing
Baby Romenesko Post 3: Secrets

I hope you enjoy sharing in my journey as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about it!!

End of May, 2015: Our duet is becoming a trio.
End of May, 2015: Our duet is becoming a trio.

Huge thank you to B for thinking of the most perfect announcement!!!