Baby Romenesko Post 4: Telling Our Parents

Written September 28.  5.5 weeks.

Pete and I had this whole plan worked out about how after the weekend that B and I are going to spend in Lake Geneva in October, I was going to forget something REALLY important like my straightener (as someone who uses this on an almost daily basis to look semi-decent for the world, it’s VERY important) at my parents’ house.  We were going to take the following Monday afternoon off of work, drive back down to Lake Geneva, tell our parents the awesome news, and then drive back up the the north woods.

What’s that saying about making plans?  “If you want to make God laugh, make plans.”  Yeah, definitely felt the chuckle over the weekend.

On Thursday I called to make my doctor’s appointment.  Did you know that the doctor doesn’t want to see you until you’re 9-10 weeks along?  I wanted to be like, “So I just have the internet to tell me what’s going on with my body until the end of October?  I don’t think that’s the best idea….”  Anyways, I have to wait until the end of October to see a professional.

Around 7 on Friday night my mom called me.  I JUST missed her call, so I called her back right away.

Sara: Hi Mom.
Mom: Hi Sar.  Did you listen to your voicemail?
S: Nooooo, nothing beeped in.
M: Well, you have to listen to your voicemail!
S: MOM.  Just tell me why you called!
M: Where are you?
S: In my living room.  Pete’s in the kitchen.  Where are you?
M: At home.  By myself.  Alllll aloooooone.
S: … OK? Why did you call me?  What do you want?
M: SIGH Fine.  Well, there was a message on the machine.
S: … OK…..
M: From a Doctor OB/GYN’s office?
S: *stomach drops, heart races* Oh.  OK… Why?
M: Welllllll, they called because they want to update your records?  Before your appointment at the end of October….
S: OK….
M: Well, I’m hoping that you’re not sick… and that you’re pregnant… Are you pregnant?
S: *crying* Ummmm, hang on a second… Let me put you on speaker phone.

S: Well, Pete’s here… and, we have some exciting news… We’re having a baby!
M: *crying* I was hoping that was it! Congratulations! Oh this is wonderful!
S: *crying* I just never imagined that I would be telling you over the phone that we’re having a baby!
M: What? I don’t care about that! I’m so happy!

So then I told her about how we’re expecting a baby, and she’ll increase her number of grandchildren by 50%.

When I hung up the phone, I was still crying.

Pete: What’s wrong??
Sara: I’m just really sad that I had to tell my mom that we’re having a baby over the phone.
Pete: Yeah, that’s kind of sad.
Sara: … But… I’m really happy she knows.  Because I just really need my mom right now.

Later Friday night, we decided that we would drive (further) up north to tell Pete’s parents.  Because we had seen them only the week before, they were preeeeeeeetty suspicious.  And when we told them they were SO excited.  Their first grandchild!

Then tonight I FaceTimed my dad and told him.  I am going to see him later this week in Madison, but the likelihood of my brother and sister joining him is pretty high, so I figured I would let him know before hand.  He was pretty excited too.

Not how I envisioned telling my parents at all.  I’m glad we were able to tell Pete’s parents in person (holy alliteration!) at least.  Seeing their reaction was pretty priceless.  But it really does make me kind of sad that I told my mom on the phone.

Today though, I’m REALLY REALLY glad that she knows, because sometimes… a girl just needs her mom.

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