Baby Romenesko Post 2: Testing, testing… 1… 2… Testing…

Written September 24.  5 weeks.

I’m neurotic.  I mean.  Completely cray.

Also, this post might get a little uncomfortable because of womanly things so… fair warning.

After getting the glorious double pink lines on Sunday’s test, and then again on Tuesday’s test that I took to make sure I wasn’t insane on Sunday… Obviously I had to be more sure because Tuesday and Wednesday I started feeling… shitty.

Did you know that women often mistake symptoms of early pregnancy for PMS?  Yeah, the internet taught me that.

I am one of the super lucky women on earth that gets horrible cramping, off-the-wall emotional and just downright miserable the first few days before and first few days of my period.  Midol is my BFF4L. I also really enjoy sweatpants and hoodies, and I could eat, well, anything.  I can’t forget to mention that I can hardly get out of bed in the morning, and am drag-ging throughout the day.  I want to sleep. all. the. time.  Seriously, it’s a really fun time.

I already warned you that this might get uncomfortable.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was feeling all of my symptoms.  Including one of my coworkers saying “Hey, are you feeling alright?  You have been looking really tired.”

I blamed it on needing a new pillow.  Not the fact that my body is like, “Holy shit!  We have to get ready to incubate this little human!”

And then I was like OMGEEEEEE why the HECK am I PMSing??  I took TWO pregnancy tests!

So obviously on Thursday morning I took a third.

Spoiler: it was positive again.

My bathroom counter currently looks like this:

Note: tests were in a Ziploc baggie… because… ew.

Because you know… I have to have a constant reminder that this is actually happening, and I’m not dreaming.

Read Baby Romenesko Post 3: Secrets.


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