Baby Romenesko Post 3: Secrets

Written September 26, 2014.  5 weeks.

Do you know what is PURE torture for an over-sharer?


I’m going insane, and am fairly certain that I will also drive Peter insane.

Last night I went over to B’s to celebrate the return of one of our favorite shows – Scandal.  It was fabulous.  You know how you KNOW that someone is a true friend?  You can show up at their apartment immediately after exercising/sweating profusely for an hour and they are still happy to see you and are not judgy at ALL.

Side note: sweating is one of the “side effects” of pregnancy.  Joy.  Just what I DIDN’T need… more sweat.

She made a fabulous dinner of steak, sweet potatoes, and glazed carrots, followed by pumpkin cupcakes for dessert.  It was the perfect night!

My problem, however, was that being only 5 weeks along, according to the internet and then confirmed by the nurse I talked to on the phone today when I made my doctor’s appointment (ah!) I didn’t want to tell her about the human that was the size of an apple seed developing in my womb.  Let’s get serious.  I WAS DYING TO TELL HER but I knew that I shouldn’t.

Anyways, B and I had been talking about this enjoying a bottle of wine (Frozen Tundra White by Parallel 44) with our dinner for weeks.  If I didn’t have a glass, she would know.  After trolling the internet, I decided that one glass would be fine.

After a glass, B was like “Want another?” and I said yes.  (B is going to die when she finds this out.)  So, she poured me another glass.  I took a little itty bitty sip of it.  A little bit later, she went to the bathroom and I RAN (“ran”) TO THE SINK AND DUMPED OUT THE GLASS OF WINE.

And then there was only a teency bit left in the bottle, so B and I “finished it off”, which meant that I took another itty bitty sip, and then ended up dumping the rest out with the lame excuse of “not wanting to finish the last 2 sips because I was driving home.”  I felt like a dope.

Another side note: I am a horrible liar, so hopefully people are actually believing this bologna.

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