Baby Romenesko Post 7: Telling my siblings

Written October 19.  8.5 weeks.  Happy Birthday Adrianna!

As I’ve said countless times, I am REALLY REALLY bad at keeping surprise secrets.  Especially from Jenna.  Jenna and I talk every day, and if we miss a day, then we’re like OMG I HAVEN’T TALKED TO YOU IN SO LONG, I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU.  So not being able to tell her that her kids were going to have a COUSIN was horrible.  My only saving grace was that I haven’t seen Jen since we found out about the baby, and I wouldn’t be seeing her until we planned on telling all the siblings about the baby.

Peter and I had this whole plan worked out (when will we learn that we shouldn’t plan anymore??) that we were going to tell all of our siblings when we were a little over 12 weeks along when we were all in Milwaukee together seeing Lion King the musical.  It was a great plan.

Until Saturday, when I woke up and said, “I HAVE TO TELL MY SIBLINGS THAT WE ARE HAVING A BABY.”  I called my mom first to see what she thought if we just FaceTimed everyone, and she was very supportive.  Then I had to wait 2.5 hours for Peter to wake up because I knew he wanted to be there.

A tiny slice of my heart was sad that I wasn’t able to wait to tell my sisters and brother in person because I really wanted to be able to give them all big hugs and cry with them.  But the majority of my heart was REALLY HAPPY to be able to take a picture of all of their reactions.

We called Rachel first.  I NEVER FaceTime with her, so right when we called, before she even said hello, she asked, “Are you pregnant??”  Now, I need to say that Ray used to ask me this ALL THE TIME, and I finally had to be like RACHEL PLEASE STOP ASKING ME, I PROMISE WE WILL TELL YOU WHEN WE ARE.  And she was all BUT I’M SO EXCITED!  But she stopped, which I really appreciated.

When Ray asked us if we were pregnant, all I did was smile and nod my head.  She was OVER THE MOON AND IN COMPLETE DENIAL saying things like “I swear to God, Sara, if this is a joke I’m going to kill you.”  And “are you serious right now????”

Unfortunately, she’s an ugly crier. Sorry Ray 🙂

When we were FaceTiming with Ray, Adrianna came in the house from outside, so we told her.  She was her usual stoic self.  No tears, but definite excitement!


Then, we called Jenna.  We FaceTime with Jenna and her kids quite often, so it wasn’t an odd request when we wanted to talk to her.  Over the last couple of weeks, Jenna and I have been talking about babies a LOT, because it seems that every other day someone on Facebook is announcing their pregnancy, and it is KILLING ME to not be able to say “CONGRATULATIONS, OUR KIDS CAN BE FRIENDS BECAUSE THEY’LL BE BORN ONLY A MONTH APART!!”

Anyways, when we were FaceTiming with Jenna, this was how our conversation went:

S: JENNA.  You are NOT going to believe who else I found out is pregnant!!!
J: WHO?!
S: US!!
J: *stunned silence*

It took Jenna about 5 seconds to be like ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!  I only wish I would have been faster to get a screenshot of her stunned face!!


Joshua is very excited to have a little cousin.

Isn’t he adorable??

And then there’s Taylor.  I called Taylor MULTIPLE times throughout the day.  I FaceTimed her.  I texted her.  She never responded.  She FINALLY called me back on Saturday night and the first thing she said was “Are you pregnant?” So obviously I lied and said, “No, I honestly wanted to show you this new purse that I got.”  So then she was saying how she saw all of my calls and texts, and ignored me (typical), and then she talked to Mom and Mom asked if she talked to me, and then she thought we were pregnant.

So I stood up and let Peter take the iPad so that I could model the purse that I wanted to show Taylor.

The purse was actually a diaper bag that my mom got me.  But Tay didn’t know it.

T: Sara. That’s huge.
S: Really?  Do you think it’s too big?
T: Sara, it’s seriously like a suitcase.

Pete: That’s because it’s a diaper bag!!!!!
T: Oh my gosh, are you SERIOUS??!?!


It was SO FUN and wonderful telling all of my sisters the news.  We haven’t told Laura yet, but I’m not quite sure she’ll understand what’s going on until there is a new baby taking the attention away from her….

Today, we were able to tell Marty and his lovely girlfriend Kathleen in person, which was just fabulous.  Pete and I had already made plans to meet them for lunch while Marty was visiting Kat, so it worked out perfectly.  Kathleen was so sweet – we would be chatting and she would just say, “I can’t believe that the whole time we were playing that board game you were pregnant.”  Marty is thrilled for us as well.

How I EVER thought that I would be able to wait until November 15 to share this news with my sisters and brother was clearly some kind of sick torture device my mind was trying to play on me.

I adore being able to talk about it openly with them 🙂

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