Baby Mania

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been very, very BUSY.  (I am aware that I have been saying that at the beginning of every post lately.  I’ll take that as a sign that I need to start posting more.)

March was a big month for BABIES being born!!

Friends having babies is the best EVER.  Because I get to love on them and snuggle them and kiss their sweet smelling skin.  And then I get to go home and eat ice cream for dinner and sleep in on Saturday because I don’t have any kids of my own.  And it’s fabulous.  I have to be honest with you though.  After Peter and I got to see our friends’ twins, we got home and had the following conversation at the kitchen table:

Sara: Doesn’t seeing those teeny tiny babies make you want to have a little baby of our own??

Pete: Yeah.  It really does.

*Sit in blissful silence for about 37 seconds*

Sara: Let’s get real.  We’re not ready for that shit.  Literally.

So, we will continue loving on our friends’ babies until we’re ready for that shit.

The SECOND best thing about friends having babies is that I get to cook to my little heart’s desire because they are going to be busy changing diapers and trying to sleep.  My cousin Kelly came up the weekend after THREE babies were born so that we could cook and bake away.  We were also baking for my sister Jenna and her husband because Jenna’s on bed rest until her baby comes in the middle of May.  That’s a lot of food!!

Carrot cake cupcakes.
A bottle of wine or two may have been consumed while cooking.
No one was injured.


Blueberry muffins.  Super delicious.

Banana bread…

… that we had to taste-test.

Peanut butter cookies.  Very, very scrumptious.

We also made some real food, not just treats, like this beef stew.
Last weekend I made this stew for Peter and I, and I sliced off the
tip of my thumb.  That wasn’t very fun.

After we made all this food, I had to go deliver it and see some babies!!  First, we met Craig and Katie’s twins, Henry and Oliver.  But I didn’t give them any food because they were moving in a few days (talk about busy people) and were cleaning out their fridge.  I had the privilege of being the photographer when Craig and Katie got to hold their boys for the very first time.  It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  I cried.

Now let’s look at how cute their babies are, including their son Noah, who I could just eat up he’s so sweet!!

Oliver on the left, Henry on the right.  If you ever have the opportunity
to hold two itty bitty babies at once, I urge you to take it.  I was SO happy.
On the brink of TEARS happy.  LOOK at how LITTLE they are!!!! 
Oh, I love them.

Best buds.

While Craig and Katie were in the hospital with their babies, I got to watch Noah.
LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE HE IS.  There was only one second when I didn’t like him very much because he pooped through his diaper, and I had to give him a bath.  Little stinker.  BUT LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE.  So I was only mad at him for a millisecond.  

Do you see why I couldn’t stay mad at this handsome stud?

Feeding Oliver his bottle.  He ate like a champ.

Noah was munching on some coasters.

Peter holding baby Oliver.

I’m holding Henry and Peter has Oliver. 
We weren’t showing favoritism for Oliver, he was awake a little longer so we snuggled him more and didn’t disturb Henry.

I went down to Illinois to visit Jenna for a few days and help her out a little, but I MOSTLY went down because I got to see THIS LITTLE MUNCHKIN BUTT.  (Sorry Jenna.  But I know you know it’s the truth.)


Now let’s look at how well this little lady cleans up for Easter.  What a sweetie pie.
Two days after Henry and Oliver came into the world, our friends Kim and Stew welcomed their precious little girl Maggie into our their lives.  She’s a cutie, that’s for sure.

Sweet, sweet baby girl.  
Peter held her for only a second before she pooped.
We seem to bring out the best in babies.

Peter likes to sleep like this too sometimes.
It’s WAY cuter when Maggie sleeps like a burrito.

Can you see why I haven’t been posting?  Did you just DIE because of all of the cuteness in this post?  Aren’t you just SO HAPPY that all of these people are having babies that I can love on?  I AM.

Now I’m just impatiently waiting for Jenna to have her baby so that I can go see ANOTHER baby.  Seriously.  I’m going to faint from all of this loving and cuteness!!

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