October is already over.

I’ve been spending kind of a lot of time on airplanes lately, and that results in two things: (1) All of these great ideas of things that I want to share with the world.  (2) A lot of things to catch up on when I get back into the office, and then I forget all of my great ideas, and then I am tired at the end of the day and don’t want to stare at a computer and try to remember my great ideas.  I think I’m going to start bringing a notebook or something on planes, because then I can write things down, but it’s kind of pointless now, because I’m going to stay on the ground for a couple months.  

A lot of exciting things have happened in the month of October.  Since I haven’t shared anything about my life with you for a while, I’ve decided to take a poll.  Here are the options. Think long and hard:

Option 1. Sara writes one long, LONG blog post about all of the exciting things that have happened in October.  The good thing about this is that there is only one post.  The bad thingS about this is that it’ll be one effing long post, and you’ll only get, like, a sentence or something about the exciting things that happened to me like: 

-Standing behind Ryan Braun our way to LA 
-Going to LA to sit in the audience of the Ellen DeGeneres Show for Adrianna’s birthday
-Going on my first business trip
-Returning to Latin America for the first time since flying home from Ecuador for my first business trip in Colombia
-I took a cooking class, and signed up for another! … and a lot of embarrassing things happened
-All of the things that I thought about when I was spending a total of 21 hours on an airplane and about 12 hours sitting in an airport in a span of 10 days.

Option 2.  I’m anticipating that November is considerable less exciting than October, so I’ll write about all of those exciting things in no particular order in separate blog posts.

Vote now.

You know, since I’m actually in charge here, I’m going to go with Option 2, because I like to talk, and when I write, I talk in my head while I’m typing, and sometimes I talk out loud.

SO.  I have grand intentions of typing until my fingers bleed when I am back in the homeland!  

To hold you over (and prove to all of you doubters…):

That’s Ryan Braun.  If you were wondering.  He smells really good.

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