>8) <– evil.

Whoever came up with the wonderful world of emoticons is my hero.  


What a genius it was that figured out that HEY!  Putting a : before a ) and tilting your head to the left… Well I’ll be damned!  That looks like a little guy with beady eyes grinning, yes GRINNING at me!! 


I’m not kidding.  



( 8D

Text message convo last night around 9 – 

Pete: Hot dog. I got hit by the tired monster!

Sara: Then go to bed.  You had a long week.  And a long weekend.  Don’t fight it!!

Pete: Forgot to tell you that I have enough Mountain Dew to last the winter.  So that’s helping me stay awake 🙂

Sara: Do you know what?  I’m going to dump it all down the drain if you tell me ONCE tomorrow that you’re tired!!

Pete: 8(

Sara: 8|

Pete: 8D

Sara: >8|

Pete: haaahahahahaha (8D


Pete: 8( Ok! Sleep tight 

Sara: Seriously, stop texting me.

*Note: When I first opened the hot dog text on my phone, it just said, “Hot dog. I got hit…” because my phone previews the text before I fully open it to read it, but I read “Hot dog. I just got bit…” And when I first saw that little snippet, I thought OMG he got BIT by a DOG.  Reminder to self: read the whole message instead of skimming.

When I texted the emoticon of me sleeping like a peaceful angel -_- to Peter, I was going to send a text that said, “You should go to sleep too!” and then include an emoticon of HIM sleeping, but I couldn’t do this one    -_- because Peter does NOT look like a peaceful angel when he sleeps.

I couldn’t figure out how to make the emoticon of how he sleeps when I was falling asleep last night, so I just didn’t do it. 

But I figured it out.  Even though it’s not an emoticon.

Peter sleeps like this:

– –

This thing \~/ is a representation of the furrowed brow he has when he’s sleeping.  He like, looks like he’s confused about something, or thinking really hard.  As I’m typing this, I’m furrowing my brow.  I look like this:
o o

__ instead of U because it’s hard to smile when you’re furrowing your brow.  o o instead of – – because I’m awake.

And now, as I’m looking at the little pictures I’ve typed, I’m realizing that that’s not what Peter REALLY looks like when he sleeps.

It’s more like this:

I sleep like this:


Actually (I thought I would bring this up before my MOM), I don’t sleep like that.  

I sleep with my eyes half open.  Scary, I know.

But I’m not going to draw a picture of that because GEEZE this post isn’t about ME, it’s about PETER.

And YES – I watch Peter sleep ALL THE TIME.


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