What a life.

Sometimes, I remember the most random things that I’ve done.

This one time when I was walking down a hill in Madison in the middle of winter and there was ice everywhere, I slipped.  Instead of being cool and calm about it, I screamed.  And instead of regaining my balance, I grabbed on to the stranger that was walking right next to me, and almost brought him down too.  Since it’s a big campus, I figured I’d never see him again.  Guess who was sitting right across from me in my last class of the day. 

The end.

This one time, I was “running” to class because I was really late, and to get to this one building on campus, you had to run up a bunch of stairs.  My feet and my brain weren’t on quite the same page, because I was skipping every other step, and then when I was almost to the top, my toe caught on the step.  I fell.  And my backpack was full of books?  So it slid up and over my head, and then I fell more.  When I stood up, everyone was staring at me, and I had blood on my hands and knees where they got scraped.  I went to class anyways.

The end.

This one time, when Peter and I first started dating, I came up to St. Norbert to visit him.  He had to do some Habitat for Humanity during the afternoon when I was there, so I hung out with my friend Kelly.  I accidentally forgot the key-card Peter gave me to get into his building, so I got locked out.  Then, I realized that I couldn’t call him, because my phone fell out of my pocket and was in Kelly’s car.  I had to wait outside until someone else was going into Peter’s dorm so that I could follow them into the building.  Except no one came for 45 minutes, and it was November, so it was really cold outside, and I didn’t have a coat on.  When I finally got in and was in his dorm, I used his dorm room phone, and called my friend Daniel, whose number I remembered, and Daniel called my friend Michelle, who called my friend Laura, who called Kelly to tell her that my phone was in her car.  I was kind of crying the whole time because Peter wasn’t going to be back for a long time, and I was really cold, and Peter didn’t have a tv in his room, so I just had to sit on his bed and cry because I was lonely.

The end.

This one time, I went to my friend’s grandparents’ house on the fourth of July to do fireworks, and they do the big fireworks that are one step down from being illegal.  Well, one of the fireworks fell over after it was lit, so it was shooting all over the place, and everyone started running towards the house.  When everything was ok, my throat hurt really bad, and I told my friend that I didn’t know why my throat hurt, and she said it was because I was screaming like a maniac the whole time.  I didn’t remember.

The end.

In fifth grade I lost the spelling bee because I couldn’t spell the word “environment”.  Then in sixth grade, I really wanted to win, but I couldn’t spell the word “fictitious”, which I still can’t spell because spell-check just underlined it red for me, but I fixed it.

I’d really like to win a spelling bee.

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