Heat wave

I am not one to complain about heat.  I love warm weather.  It’s one of my top 25 favorite things.  However.  I will complain about the heat in certain situations when my skin should not feel like it is going to melt off.  Like when I am trying to fall asleep.  Or when I am waiting in line for a sno-cone.

Remember how the air conditioning is broken on my car?  Welllll, I don’t know if you remember THIS one, but yesterday it was like 90 degrees with 462% humidity.  

And Peter and I drove down to Lake Geneva.

So now I present to you the pros and cons of having no AC in my car!

PRO: Wherever I go, I arrive with the chic “windblown” hair look that you see so often on America’s Next Top Model.
CON: I can’t pull off the “windblown” hair look, so I end up looking really disheveled and like I didn’t run a brush through my hair for a week.

PRO: I get to take in the sweet scents of summer, including but not limited to freshly mown grass, freshly cut hay, and the smell of pavement after it rains.
CON: I pass a pig farm on my way to and from work.

PRO: I get to listen to my music really loudly without looking like a poser, because I legit can’t hear it when I’m driving.
CON: I look like a poser anyways, because people don’t KNOW my AC is broken, so they thing I just want them all to hear my music of choice (most recently Lady Gaga’s new album).

PRO: When Peter is talking I can pretend like I can’t hear him, because the wind is soooooo loud in my ears.
CON: When Peter is talking, I really can’t hear him, and then when I ask him what he said, and he goes, “Nevermind” which drives me CRAZY.

PRO: Who doesn’t enjoy the fresh night breeze?
CON: It’s scary driving in the dark when your windows are open, especially when something like a bug or something hits you in the temple and it feels like a small pebble.  Yes, that happened.  Good thing I didn’t go down.

PRO: Who doesn’t love the wind on their face in the summer??
CON: You know how your windshield gets all full of bugs when you drive?  That happens to my sunglasses.

Here’s to hoping that Peter’s dad can fix my car air conditioning.  

And that it’s not going to end up costing me an entire paycheck to repair.



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