Google Ads

Since starting my blog, Peter told me that I should “monetize” it so that I could make monayyyy. I signed up for Google Ads to be put on my blog on Monday and have thus far made one penny. I’m rich! …

Today was the first day that I went to my blog to check out the ads that Google chose for me. Before I signed up, Google told me that it would choose the ads that are placed on my blog according to my blog content. The ads are on the side bar, and there are like five or something listed one on top of the other.
The first ads that I saw:
1. Cold Sore Treatment. REALLY Google? You’re REALLY going to rub in my face that I am cursed with COLD SORES?! I’m probably going to get a cold sore now, because I’m getting stressed about the situation. No worries, I’ll just click on the ad to get the best cold sore treatment there is. Man. Low blow.
2. Unique Personalized Gifts. I like giving gifts. Considering I wrote a lot about gifts, Google obviously knows me so well that, my goodness why WOULDN’T I want to give PERSONALIZED gifts. Merry Christmas, Mom, here is an obnoxious sweatshirt with “NANCY VANDERSTAPPEN, WORLD’S BEST MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” embroidered in.
3. Nice Birthday Messages. Please. Enough with the birthdays already.
4. Join Groups on Facebook. They must have read my hobbies.
5. Skydive with Sky Knights. Wait, what?
We all know I’m too scared to do anything crazy like skydiving.

1 thought on “Google Ads

  1. Hahaha! So are you going to treat Peter to a nice dinner with the $.01 you have made so far? We will do the zip-line at the dells this summer to fullfill the sky walker ad.


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