The Vanderstapp-Inn

I am the second oldest of 7 children. Since we did not grow up in a castle, we all had to share rooms. Even Marty. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR Martyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the onlyy boyyyyyyy. Please. Stop. He’s spoiled. But I WILL say that he knows how to dress really well and how to treat girls nicely. And he knows how to spend all of 13 seconds in the shower because the bathroom was constantly occupied.

Jenna and Sara shared. Adrianna, Taylor, and Rachel share. Marty and Laura shared. Now that we are all becoming adults, going away to college, getting full time jobs, etc. my parents’ house has become more of a bed and breakfast. The Vanderstapp-Inn, if you will (my cousin’s have this sign on their house. And it’s awesome.).
When I went home in February, EVERYONE was home. As in: 7 children plus one spouse and one friend. Sister and spouse didn’t spend the night. So that means 7 people needed beds. Guess how many beds we have. 6. Guess who was the first one to get the boot. “Sara. Mohawk Road is no longer your permanent residence.” Sighhhhhhhhhhhh…
The first night, Rachel had a friend sleep over (so that means EIGHT people needed beds!!), so Rachel and friend slept on the air mattress downstairs. I heard through the grapevine, as in Nanc texted me, that I would be sleeping in Taylor’s bed. Taylor would be sleeping in Rachel’s bed.
I get home. I go upstairs. I see that Taylor is in her bed. I look up. And see that Rachel’s top bunk is empty. Awesome.
I’ve always been that kid at camp that was like, “Oh, well, I GUESS I’ll take the bottom bunk, because I don’t want everyone to break out into a fight over the top bunk, so yeah, I’ll make this HUGE sacrifice and miss out on ALL the fun and sleep on the bottom.” I hate the top bunk. Especially when the fan was on. And in A/T/R’s room, the FAN was on. Meh.
Night one of sleep was less than moderate, considering there were no pillows to be found, so I had to use a pillow pet for head support. I might as well have slept with no pillow at all.
Night two I was out to dinner with Peter’s family and halfway through I realized that shoot. I had no idea where I was going to sleep! Rachel would surely take her bed back, because she IS the rightful owner and the couch downstairs isn’t comfortable, so why would she offer to sleep on it? To my surprise when I got home, I nearly trampled my favorite sister Rachel because she set up camp on the floor, and I got her bed once again. What a sister.
This past weekend when I was home (Happy Birthday Taylor – 18 and Laura – 16!!), everyone had a bed to sleep in, because there were only 6 occupants at the Inn, but Laura gets her own room now because Marty brought his bed up to school with him.
That means Marty and I are roommates. Now, I’ve had a lot of roommates in my day. Jenna, being the longest of 20 years, and then year-long roommates with people in college and things like that. Marty didn’t know what to do with a roommate that could… well… talk. I mean, Laura is great and all, but the conversations with her don’t usually go much past yes and no and her repeating “Happy Birthday!” or anything else that you tell her to repeat (Mom gets mad when we tell her to swear. But MAN is it FUNNY!).
Marty lays down in his bed. I lay down in mine. The light is still on. Now, when I shared with Jenna, I could ALWAYS get her to turn off the light, because I can sleep with it on and she can’t. Well…
Marty: Sara. The light. You have to turn off the light.

Sara: Marty. You were JUST over there.

Marty: *groannnnnnnnn* I’m not turning it off.

Sara: Fine. *shuts off light*
I called Peter, since I hadn’t talked to him all day (OMGGGG I KNOWWWWWWWW How do I LIVE without talking to him constantly?!?!).
Enter Adrianna. She sits on the foot of my bed.
Adrianna: I’m not tired.
I ignore her. I continue trying to talk to Peter. Adrianna jumps on me. I can’t breath. I have to hang up on Peter.
Adrianna: I’m not tired.

Sara: I am.

Adrianna: Sara. You’re no fun. Talk to me.

Sara: No.

Marty: I’ll talk to you!

Sara: groannnnnnnnn

Talking commences and you KNOW I love talking, so I join in. Talking escalates to laughing. Really loudly.
Jenna and I always used to get in trouble for talking and laughing at night, as many sisters who share a room do. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had that? Despite telling Marty and Adrianna to SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH several times, I didn’t even care if Mom yelled at us. Because let’s face it: nothing makes a mother happier than hearing her children laughing and getting along.
Even if it is 11:00 PM, and said mother may or may not have been awake since 4:30 AM…

1 thought on “The Vanderstapp-Inn

  1. First of all you forgot about Casey also being here. And those are my favorite times when all of my babies are home.There is always room for 1 more at our home. It is always crazy and loud and wild and unorganized here. Everyone feels at home. Just the way I like it!!!! AND, it wouldn't be as much fun if we didn't make it confusing for you Sara Jane.


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