Baby Romenesko Post 13: Moments

27 weeks.  Almost my third trimester; HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

Time is moving really fast, and some people have been like “OH!  Just WAIT until you’re eight and a half months pregnant.  It will move SO SLOWLY then!”  I’m trying to live in the moment a bit more, so let’s take it one day at a time.

There have been a few exciting things happening, but none of them warranted their own post, so I figured I’d just do one big ol’ update.

Around 23 weeks I started to feel the baby move around, and it is SOOOOO wonderful and makes me SOOOOOO happy.  It is equally weird and amazing and I wish I could describe it better, but now I find myself wanting all of my girlfriends to have babies so that they can experience this magical thing.

Pete felt the baby move for the first time over the weekend, and I think that it was even more amazing seeing his reaction to the baby moving than when I started feeling the baby’s movement.  He said, “The baby knows it’s me!  ‘High five, Dad!'”

Swooooooooooooooon he’s going to be a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.


My coworker from Brazil gave me these ADORABLE LITTLE SANDALS for the baby, and I am so excited to put them on the baby that it’s not even funny.  I keep them on our living room coffee table because I get giddy with excitement every time I see the darling little things.  The baby will probably fit into these in a non-summer month, but you had better believe that I will put them on the second they fit.


I have waited my entire life a long time for luscious, voluminous hair.  Pregnancy was supposed to do the trick.  Well.  During the first trimester of my pregnancy, my hair was anything but luscious and beautiful.  It was greasy and gross and I tried about 5 different shampoos but nothing really worked.  I felt gross because I felt nauseous all the time, and I couldn’t even do my hair nice to try to feel better about myself because I ended up feeling like a big ol’ greaseball.

After Christmas, I started noticing my hair was much more cooperative, doing what I wanted it to do, and not looking like I used olive oil to wash it.  I was like woohoo!  It’s coming around!  It feels thicker!  More voluminous!

And then a few weeks later, I noticed these little sprouts.  No amount of hairspray will tame them.  They are tamed in the morning, and then by the time I get to the office they are sticking straight up again.  I thought a headband would help.

Clearly I was wrong.


I took this picture to send to my friend because she told me that she started doing this new thing where she messes up her make up and then decides to wait until it dries to fix it, and then forgets and goes to work with messed up make up.

I made her feel a lot better.

So, in conclusion – sorry to all the ladies waiting to get luscious pregnancy hair.  It just doesn’t work out for everyone (see above pictures for case in point).

IMG_0012I told myself that I was going to wait to show any pictures of the nursery until I had one big post to show it from beginning to end, but IS THIS NOT SO WONDERFUL???  It turned out better than I could have hoped for, and every morning before work I stand in the room that is currently (mostly) empty and imagine what our baby will be like, and what our lives will be like after the baby is here.  It’s my new favorite hobby.


Helloooo 24 weeks pregnant.

FullSizeRender (2)

One of my favorite things about being pregnant aside from the fact that my body has the ability to grow a human being is that I don’t have to suck it in anymore for pictures, etc.  I mean seriously, can I get an AMEN?


(Ignore the glean of sweat on my forehead.  It was a stifling 5 degrees that day.)

Jenna and Mom came up a couple weekends ago to finish up the baby registry and it was SO MUCH MORE FUN than the first time Pete and I went (no offense, Pete).  Jenna and I went one way, and my mom grabbed a cart and went another way.  About a half an hour later, Jen and I found my mom, and there was a big ass bunny in her cart.  I looked at Jenna and said, “That’s got to be for your kids.”

And then my mom looked up at us with these big eyes and said, “I just thought this would look soooooooo cute in your baby’s nursery, Sara…”  It’s soft and squishy and about the size of a five year old.

Clearly, I had to have it.


It’s the only thing in the nursery right now, and it makes me sooooo happy to see it in there.  I showed it to my three and a half year old niece Nora via FaceTime last night, and she is certain that the baby will love it.  She is suddenly VERY invested in the pregnancy, checking up on me and making sure that the baby has enough to eat (Baby loves candy…) and is getting enough rest.  She wants her cousin to be a girl because she really likes playing with girls, but it’s ok if her cousin is a boy, because then Josh (her almost 2 year old brother) will have someone to play with.  And she likes playing with Josh so it will be ok if she has to play with another boy.

From the mouths of babes.  It makes me melt.


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