She’ll always be our baby

Remember last year when I wrote about my favorite sister (click here to refresh your memory)?  Well, she’s still my favorite sister, so that’s good news.  

Lakeland School has a prom for the kids every year.  Laura was old enough to go last year, but my mom couldn’t do it.  She couldn’t send Laura to prom.  It’s one of those things where my mom couldn’t send Laura to prom not because Laura wouldn’t have a good time, or because we were busy, or because Laura would be scared.  

My mom couldn’t send Laura to prom because she’s her baby.  Not just my mom’s baby, OUR baby.  She’s 17 years old, but her age will never matter – she’ll always be our baby.

We want her to suffocate us with hugs and sit on our laps.  We tease her and tell her no, but always give in to what she wants.  We play with her and give her candy when Mom’s not looking.  We teach her new things and explain why she needs to do something herself.  

We love her.  More than we love anything else in the world.  She’s the center of our universe.

And because she’ll always be our baby, it’s hard to watch her grow up.  So last year, when Laura was old enough for prom, my mom couldn’t do it.

When the note came home for prom this year though, my mom couldn’t say no – as much as she wanted to.  

My mom couldn’t say no this year because there is a whole team of people at Lakeland School that want the best for Laura, just like her siblings do.  So, my mom let her go to prom. 

And she was so unbelievably beautiful.

Laura’s prom dates

Best mom in the world

Two of the many volunteers at prom making sure the kids
made room for Jesus when they were dancing.

And because Lakeland School is amazing, and our lives wouldn’t be the same without it, please help support them, so that they can continue giving children and young adults the opportunities that any other child or young adult can have. 

Lakeland School’s School Fest is coming up in the beginning of May, and they’re selling raffle tickets!  Funds raised help the school sponsor great events like prom for the kids.  Trust me – it’s well worth your dollar.  Just one dollar!  That’s it!!

Raffle tickets are the same as last year – $1 for 1 ticket, or $5 for 6 tickets. 

You can visit my blog post from last year to learn a little bit more about Lakeland School and what a fantastic place it is.

If you do buy a raffle ticket (or ten…), you don’t have to be in attendance to win!  School Fest is on Saturday, May 12 from 9-3 if you’d like to attend.  It really is an awesome day for an even more awesome cause!!!

Email me at if you’re interesting in buying tickets, and we’ll get you all set up to help this wonderful school continue to change the lives of children with disabilities just like our baby sister.

Isn’t she just beautiful?


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