My days are numbered

Numbers since February 13, 2012.  Except the ones that are like “number of days until…”   Because those are from today.  But the general ones like crying are since February 13.

Number of days until the wedding: 9

Number of months tells me there are until the wedding: 14

Number of times I’ve explained that we won a wedding: 43287194021780

Number of times I told Peter we are not having a Star Wars wedding: 47

Number of times I’ve cried about something with the wedding: 3*******


Number of times I’ve had a complete meltdown about the wedding: 1

Explanation: Valentine’s Day.  Poor Peter.  I had a complete meltdown about the wedding because we found out that we won, but we didn’t know ANY details, and I didn’t know if I would like my dress, if we would be getting married in the church that I grew up going to, or if anyone would want to even come to our wedding.  And a lot of other things.  But those were the main ones.  But I’m ok now.  Because everything is turning out perfectly!

Number of times I’ve cried about the wedding, but the crying didn’t include heaving sobs, locking myself in Peter’s bathroom so he wouldn’t see my cry, snot running down my face, and drooling (those are all under meltdown): 2

Explanation: (1) I didn’t think that I would be able to have any say in my wedding dress.  That is very scary.   (2) My bridesmaids’ dresses aren’t coming in until April 20.  Remember how the wedding is April 27th?  I’ll give you a second to wipe your tears for everyone involved.

Number of times we’ve driven down to Lake Geneva from Green Bay: 12 of the last 13 weekends.  Lots of miles.  LOTS of gas.  TONS of money.  

Number of stress-induced zits I’ve had: 5

Number of times I’ve gone tanning for 7 minutes: 3

Number of times someone asks me if I’m going to go tanning for the wedding since I’ve started tanning: A lot.

Number of times someone has told me that I have “good color” after they just asked if I was going to go tanning because they want to try to make me feel better: A lot + 1

Number of swimsuits that I bought: 7

Number of swimsuits that I returned: 5

Number of times I’ve looked at my wedding dress online: 7895234785023475820934

Number of times I’ve looked at my wedding band online: 902934850394582039458309458

Number of times I’ve been to the Social Security Administration: 1

Number of guests we have attending our wedding: about 330

Number of scabs I’ve picked: 1.  It’s bleeding right now.

Number of nosebleeds I’ve gotten: 3

Number of days until I’m on my way to the Caribbean: 10

Number of times I’ve practiced writing “Sara Romenesko”: an embarrassing amount

Number of seconds I thought about hyphenating my last name: 1.4

Number of times/day I get all giddy because I’m marrying Peter next week: ABOUT A BILLION TIMES INFINITY.



1 thought on “My days are numbered

  1. Your and sign is backwards in your picture. should be a reversed 3 not a normal one. But I suppose you were stuck with numbers on the brain.


    PS Really excited to celebrate with you two. And yes I did have to comment. 😛


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