Wedding Whirlwind


Peter and I won a wedding.  And I am so dizzy and overwhelmed by love and support that I don’t know what to say.  I’m also dizzy because a lot of things are going to happen in a small period of time.  Right now, I will stick to the facts, otherwise I may faint.

Things that we won (and that are voted on) (and the voting timeline):
  • Venue/menu – Vote from February 13 – 19.  Winner announced on February 20.  
  • My wedding dress – Vote from February 20 – 26.  Winner announced on February 27.
  • Bridesmaid’s dresses – Vote from February 27 – March 4.  Winner announced on March 5.
  • Bouquets/flowers – Vote from March 5 – 11.  Winner announced March 12.
  • Cake – Vote from March 12 – 18.  Winner announced March 19.
  • Wedding bands – Vote from March 19 – 25.  Winner announced March 26.
  • Salon/Spa/Hairstyle (I think?) – Vote March 26 – April 1.  Winner announced April 2.

Other things I know:
  • It would be really nice of you if you voted for Veteran’s Terrace  for our reception hall. Click here to vote for Veteran’s Terrace!!
  • We originally were going to get married on June 8, 2013.  Now our wedding will be around the end of April 2012.  But we won’t know the date until February 20 when the venue is announced.
  • The end of April is only 11 weeks away.
  • 11 weeks is not a very long time.
  • The gestation period of a llama is 330 days.  That is about 4 times the amount of days until our wedding.
  • More people liked my Facebook status when I said we won a wedding than did when I said we got engaged.  That leads me to believe that there are more people that like a wedding than there are that like Peter.  Good thing I like both.
Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds. 

3 thoughts on “Wedding Whirlwind

  1. Congrats! You don't know me but my daughter and I follow your blog because of Kimberly Sawyer. We voted for you to win and now want to continue to vote and am not sure where. Maybe you could blog and tell us where and what other favs you have. So excited for you and Peter!

    Sarah Sawyer
    Egg Harbor Door County


  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for your support! I was so frazzled when I wrote the post that I forgot the voting link… Like I said – WHIRLWIND!! We'd like to have the reception at Veteran's Terrace, and really appreciate all of the votes we can get! I'll have to do another post tonight, because looking at this post I realized that I didn't even thank everyone. What a jerk move… 🙂 Thanks again!!! And I love that you follow my blog!!


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