Real World: Peter

I thought you might need a little break from me, so I thought I’d tell you about the man in my life today instead of sharing something stupid that I did.  

I don’t remember the first time I met Peter.  But we went to high school together, and I remember sitting in his group in math class the day he got a pencil stuck in his eye (not kidding) and being really grossed out.  I also remember not voting for him for Prom King, but he won anyways, so that’s good news.  Popular guy I’ve got on my hands!  

We kind of lost touch after high school because we went to different colleges.  But then one summer we ran into each other again when I was between travels for my internship, and he was working for his dad. 

Summer 2007.  Still laughing Summer 2011.

We didn’t start dating until 2008 after a lot of back and forth about whether we should or shouldn’t date and then I left the country to flee from my boy problems study abroad for a summer.  Peter was waiting for me when I got back, and voila!  We fell madly in love at my cousin’s wedding.

Peter is the announcer for a waterski team – the Waterboard Warriors.  It’s his third  year doing it.  He likes it.  And he has a really good announcer’s voice.    Every year, the ski shows have a theme, this year it’s a spin-off of the Wizard of Oz.  Expect everyone’s in the land of the O.Z. and instead of three characters missing some important thing like a brain or a heart, Peter lost them all.  No brains.  No heart.  No courage.  At least he still has his good looks?

The good news is that the crowd loves him.  He’s pretty funny when he’s up there acting and announcing on that dock.  

The first time I went to a ski show to see him announce was last summer when I got back from Ecuador.  I was sitting next to a random man.

Peter (on dock): Jokey joke jokes haaaahahahaha jokey joke jokes

Stranger Danger: MAN.  This announcer is FUNNY.  Isn’t he so funny??  *Turns to me*

Sara: Mmmmhmmmm

Stranger Danger: Are you from around here?  I’ve never been to the ski show before.  

Sara: This is my first one too.  I’m actually from about 3 hours south of here.

Stranger Danger: Taaaaalky talky talky.  HAAAAAHAHAHA This announcer is just KILLING me!!

Sara: Yep.  Me too.  

Stranger Danger: So, what brings you all the way up here?

Sara: … You know the announcer?

Stranger Danger: Yeah.  MAN is he FUNNY.

Sara: Uh-huh.  I’m dating him.

Stranger Danger: You’re dating him?!  Is he this funny ALL the time???

Sara: (being the kind, supportive girlfriend that I am) Yes.  Absolutely.  So funny.  All. the. time. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Peter.  You’re welcome.

The state ski competition is coming up, and Peter, as the announcer, has to do a comedy routine.  There are hundreds of spectators.  Hundreds.  There are a lot of rules and regulations and things – like the announcer has to come in from the water when he starts his comedy routine.  Last year, he did a rap that was very well received.

His rap starts at 3:25 if you’re interested.  I can wait.

Wasn’t that impressive?  I’m not even kidding here.  He made that all up himself and only practiced it a few times before he had to perform.  I can’t rap.  Maybe that’s why I’m so impressed.

As you can see, he has to wear some kind of ridiculous things, but he’s a great sport about it.  Let’s face it.  He’s an entertainer.  And it’s lucky for the Waterboard Warriors that he’s a good sport.  Because last night, they gave him his costume for this year’s state competition.

Yeah… He has to wear that in front of hundreds of people.  He tested it out last night, and good lord.  The crowd LOVED it.  And he was FUNNY.  Legitimately funny.  Especially when he called it his “man-tard” and he lost his “man card” somewhere in it.

Always making me so proud.

I think that I got about the same amount of grief last night for dating him when he was wearing that costume as he did for actually wearing it.  I’ve got to hand it to him.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing.  And baby, he works it.

The good news is that Peter cleans up really nicely.

But as I told everyone that asked me last night – I still like him no matter what he wears.  

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  Seriously though.

Dating Peter isn’t one of the many things on my “Look at the dumb things I’ve done” list.  So that’s good news too.

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