On the phone.  May 17, 2011.

Peter: So when I was leaving work today, I got into the parking lot, and there were these guys there with flamethrowers-

Sara: Flamethrowers?!?

Peter: Flamethrowers!!  And all these jackhammers and machines.  They were laying down asphalt in the company parking lot, and I was thinking, ‘How am I supposed to get out of here??’  I didn’t know what to do!!

Sara: Well, what did you do?

Peter: I-

Sara: Did you take out your wand and say ‘leviate’??  And then lift your car across the parking lot onto the road????  (I said that in a British accent)

Peter: Yes.

Peter: Actually, I just sat in my car for like 10 minutes and waited for them to be done and let me through.

Sara: Oh.

FYI: After a little Google searching, I think that the spell I was looking for was Wingardium Leviosa.   Check out this awesome website I found!!

In other news, this morning when I was brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush, I don’t know what I was thinking, but I started drooling or something, and so I took the toothbrush out of my mouth.

When it was still on.  

And then I changed my shirt and was late for work because I was busy getting the toothpaste off my face and out of my hair.  I had on a button down shirt with a vest thing over.  I just changed the bottom shirt.

And guess what?  When I was running to my car, I noticed that surprise!  There’s toothpaste spattered all over my vest too.



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