Hello, World.

He’s here!


You guys.  I birthed a child.  A stunningly handsome baby boy.

I’m so excited to introduce him into this wonderful world that it’s not even funny.

Daniel Martin Romenesko was born at 10:09 PM on Thursday, May 7.



I’m biased, I know.  But seriously.



He came 3 weeks early, but still weighed 7 pounds on the nose and is 20 inches long.  When they told me how much he weighed, I was thought “OMG how big would he have been 3 weeks from now if he made it to his due date??”  Glad we don’t have to find that out.

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks both leading up to and following Daniel’s birth (how much do we love that we can say DANIEL instead of Baby Romenesko??) that I’m not quite sure where to begin!

The labor?
The bed rest?
The delivery?
The going to the doctor on Thursday morning for a regular appointment and being told that I was being induced Thursday afternoon?
The genesis of his name?
Meeting his grandparents?
My first Mother’s Day?

Here’s a brief run-down of the events that happened in the last week leading up to Daniel’s birth.

  • At my 36 week appointment (April 29), when Pete was in India (THIS wasn’t stressful at ALL), I had high blood pressure, which resulted in being put on partial bed rest (only working in the morning) because we didn’t want it to turn into preeclampsia.  I also learned that the baby would most likely come in the next 1-2 weeks.
  • The following Monday (May 4) when I went in to have my blood pressure checked, my BP was high enough that they sent me over to labor and delivery, and Peter and I thought I would be induced to have the baby that day.  After monitoring me for the afternoon, they decided to put me on full bed rest until the baby came, since I wasn’t quite full term (37 weeks) yet.  (I have a draft post finished about this that I didn’t post because I wanted to have material to get through the last weeks of my pregnancy.  That plan back-fired.  I’ll get this posted at some point in the next few weeks.)
  • At my doctor’s appointment on May 7, my regular check-up, I was officially 37 weeks pregnant.  Full-term.  I had enough symptoms at this point to qualify as “mild preeclampsia”, so at around 9:30 am Pete and I were told to go home, get our bags, and come back to the hospital at noon because guess what.  It’s baby day.  I was induced at 1 pm.

So!  Here I am now with a baby!  I’m a mom!  Pete’s a dad!  We’re still in shock!



Daniel was admitted to the NICU on Friday afternoon because he wasn’t overly interested in eating, was suuuuuuuuper sleepy, and wasn’t very responsive to things that babies should respond to (example: he got poked for a glucose test and didn’t even flinch).


We’re on day 5 in the NICU now, and he’s doing much better!  Finally is drinking from a bottle and trying his best to nurse (They say nursing is a “basic instinct”.  Not so basic for my little fella.).  He’s a completely different kid than when he was first admitted.  We’re so happy that he’s in a place where he is getting the extra little help that he needs… But we’re sooo ready to bring our baby home!


Pete and I are staying in the hospital hotel so that I can still get up every three hours (Motherhood!  I’m a mother!) to go down and feed Daniel.  We’re not quite sure how long we’ll be here yet, but your prayers and positive energy are SO APPRECIATED right now.

We call this his smoldering gaze. Lookout, ladies.

After two feedings in a row last night when he wasn’t drinking anything, they put a feeding tube in his nose.  Now, he’ll alternate feedings between bottle and nursing, and then he’ll get the rest through the tube.  Our little man is kind of lazy…. But we’ve been REALLY pressuring him to do well.  You know, just to get him ready for a life of parental pressure to be the best at EVERYTHING.

This morning was also a big morning because he got his IV taken out, and they also are taking him out from under the jaundice light.  Baby steps.  Literally.


OBVIOUSLY many more photos of the most adorable baby on Earth to come, along with more stories about our life with him.

Sigh.  You guys.  We’re parents.

Our first family photo.

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