Real World Romenesko

I’m a new woman.

After three and a half years of Real World Sara, I decided it was time for a major blog facelift.  I’m excited to introduce Real World Romenesko!!  Woohoo!  Hi WordPress!  I’m still futzing around with figuring out WordPress, so apologies in advance if some weird shit happens when I’m trying to get stuff managed.

I couldn’t get the realworldsara domain because of some technological mumbo jumbo that I didn’t understand, but I trust Peter, who is the source of this information.  I decided that Real World Romenesko was fitting for my blog anyways, since my last name is Romenesko and so many of my posts involve the man in my life, whose last name also happens to be Romenesko.

Hopefully now I’ll post more because I have a newer, more exciting page.  That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.  We’ll see…

Also, this is the funny picture that is the FULL picture of the top photo of my page. Such a helpful husband.  In my original vision, I wanted to have our mustard yellow wall as the background, so I needed him to hold up the sign and not be in the picture… And then I decided that I liked black and white better than color… Oh well!


Do me a favor and bookmark  I promise to post more.  You can also follow this blog by clicking “Follow Real World Romenesko” at the top right of the page.  That way you can be nosy like I am and not miss out on things that are happening.

It’s about to get crazy all up in here!


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