Pure, raw love.

Jenna texted me on Tuesday morning:

Okay… I won’t be able to talk this morning, because I’m at the hospital being examined.  Not in labor yet so don’t flip!  But long story – false labor last night.  I’ll keep you updated!

I’m sorry, don’t flip out?  Yeah right.

About an hour later, I got this text from Jenna:

Nurse just took a look, and I’m 6 cm dilated! She still has to take a sample to the lab, but thinks I’ll be staying… OH MY GOD!!

And so began one of the most agonizing work days of my entire life.  A day full of texts and emails and phone calls.   Here are some of my favorites:

Email, 12:05 PM

From: svanderstappen
To: promenesko

Pete – Take tomorrow off work!  Doctor’s say the baby will come by tonight!!!!!

Text, 12:44 PM; Jenna and Sara

Jenna: So Mark said you’re taking tomorrow off?  Lol, after your long holiday weekend 🙂

Me: Why are you texting me?!  You should be having a baby!

Jenna: I’mmmmmm working on it!  It’s not all that much fun to be honest…

Text, 6:40 PM; Sara and Travis (remember T whose hobby is going to the diner?  That’s him.)

Me: Jenna’s pushing now!!

Travis: OMG I’m doing lamaze breathing right now with her.

Me: Haaaaaaaahahahahaha

Travis: Omg I hope it’s a boy.

Me: I’m hoping for a girl.

Travis: Whaaaaaaaaat all the Vanderstappens need is a little testosterone.  Poor Marty Jr. and Sr.

Me: Haha oh well!!

Travis: We should’ve placed bets.

And then came the call that I was waiting all day for.

Phone call, 7:32 PM; Jenna and Sara

Sara: Mom?

Jenna: No, it’s me!

Sara: Are you a mom??

Jenna: Yeeeeees…

Sara: *crying* OHMYGOSH!  BOY OR GIRL?

Jenna: Girl!  Nora Margaret!!  She was born at 6:50!  7 pounds, 2 ounces and 19 inches long!!!  Sara… I’m a MOM!!!!!

Sara and Jenna: *crying*

Jenna:  Sara?  She’s perfect. 

I haven’t been able to stop smiling since I got that phone call.  

Peter and I met Nora on September 7.  I’ve felt a lot of different kinds of love, but when I held Nora, I felt a new kind of love.  It’s this pure, raw love that I can’t put into words.  This little girl stole my heart, even before I knew that my heart could be stolen.

Jenna and Mark are already the most amazing parents.  Nora is the luckiest girl.  

And do you know what?  Jenna was right – she is perfect.

Here are a few photos of my new little niece.  

Can we please just look at how GOOD Jenna looks?  She just birthed a CHILD, but she looks like she had a light workout.  Daaaaang, guuuuurl.

First family photo!!

I didn’t even hug Jenna and Mark when we got to the hospital, I just went straight for the baby!

So so happy and full of love.

Mom still can’t believe that her baby had a baby.  I just can’t stop smiling looking at these pictures!!

3 Generations.  Weird.
Dad kept saying how cute she is.  Because “some babies look pretty beat up when they’re first born.”  But “God, Jen, she looks great!!”  Oh, Grandfather.

Proud Grandpa!

 When Dad saw this picture, he said, “Look at how big my hands are!”  When I saw Dad holding Nora, I said, “Dad!  Her hair is just like yours!!”

18 hours old

 When we were driving back up to Green Bay after saying bye to Nora, Peter kept saying, “I sure do like baby Nora.”  You wouldn’t guess from this picture that he was nervous to hold her!

“Sar, she’s just so little.”

 After we took this picture, Peter said, “Don’t you put that as your Facebook profile picture, otherwise we’ll have a lot of explaining to do!!”  So I’m putting it on my blog instead.

We’re going to spoil her rotten.

Baby Nora went home today.  She’s wearing the same clothes that Jenna went home from the hospital in!   
What a little peanut!

When Jenna and Mark got home, they looked at each other and said, “Well, now what?”

I have a feeling that they’ll figure it out pretty quick.  

I love baby Nora.


1 thought on “Pure, raw love.

  1. Oh my Aunt Sara! You described those first moments with your niece just as I remember the first moment I met Jenna & Sara & Marty & Adrianna & Taylor & Laura & Rachel…..Pure raw love. A perfect description. Im sure I will feel the same way when I meet my Great Niece for the first time. I can hardly wait!! I am so very happy for all of you!!! I warned you that this might be right at the top of best moments in your life! From your description guess I was right!! I love you sooooooo much!


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