Sweet land of liberty

I’ve been employed with a full-time job for 6 months (hurray!!), and I’m starting to realize that I just adore any day that gives me a long weekend.  That being said, it is obvious that I love Independence Day.  But not only because I get an extra day off of work, but because I fricking love America.  And I love celebrating things.  Especially with fireworks.

After living in a foreign country for part of my life (8 months actually living and working, 2 months studying), the Fourth of July has jumped up to #3 on my list of favorite holidays following my birthday (but you all knew that my birthday was my fave holiday) and Christmas (I love Jesus).  An entire day where an entire country is celebrating how great their country is.  What a GREAT day.  (Tangent: Last year at this time, I was in the jungle being scared and shooting little sticks at a lemon.)

FYI: I got that on the second try.

Reasons why I love America (in no particular order):

  • Electricity.  Electricity that the government doesn’t shut off for 5 hours at a time every day for 3 weeks in a row to try and save monayyy.  Electricity that allows us to plug more than one thing in an outlet at a time.  Electricity that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
  • Roads.  I mean, I am the first one to complain about bumpy roads that are filled with potholes and gravel.  BUT.  At least the majority of roads that we drive on are driveable, and have pretty clear traffic signals.
  • FOOD.  Living in a country where the meals all consist of rice, eggs, and a slab of meat, MAN do you start to miss meals that have 5 different tastes.  And guess what.  In America, we can find just about any type of food we want.  And if we look in the right places, it can be authentic.  YUM.
  • Space.  I am currently sitting in my apartment, that I live in by myself, that has two bedrooms, a large living area, two walk-in closets, two regular closets, and more cabinet space than I can fill (Stop.  Please.  I know I’m spoiled.  I wouldn’t be living here if I didn’t get a KILLER deal on it though).  I have a garage where I park my car that I don’t have to fold in the rear-view mirrors to fit.  I have way more space than I need, but I’m allowed to.  
  • Safety.  There are no bars on my windows.  There isn’t a fence surrounding my apartment building that has shards of broken glass scattered along the top to prevent people from jumping the fence.  There are two doors between me and my living room, instead of 4 with 4 different keys.  There is not a guard stationed in my neighborhood 24/7.  I don’t hide money in my socks or carry my purse in my arms when I am walking down the street.
  • Phone plans.  I have a contract, and I make a payment once a month.  Instead of having to run to a store and buy more minutes for my phone when I want to send another text or make another call, I have unlimited everything.  I don’t have 3 different phones for 3 different carriers, because Sprint allows me to make calls to Peter, who has AT&T.
  • Government.  I know that our government has it’s problems.  Every government does.  But in America, the police officers aren’t walking around in full gear with their bullet proof vests and machine guns all the time.  We aren’t in constant fear of a military coup.  We aren’t being taught in schools NOT to trust the police and military.
  • Education.  Especially in Wisconsin, this is a really hot topic, but let’s get real.  Teachers aren’t being paid a monthly salary that may cover the rent, but won’t cover groceries for their families.  They aren’t being fired in the middle of the school year because the school can’t afford to pay them.  A college education is for anyone, not just the affluent.  Everyone in America has a chance – they just need to take it.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in a lot of other countries.
So today, instead of complaining about this amazing country, let’s just eat a hot dog or two, be with family and friends, watch fireworks, and then light sparklers and pretend to be fire-eaters.  Cheers to America!!

Summer 2006.  Love you Tay!!

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