Job description.

On Friday night, Peter and I went to dinner with our friends Craig and Katie. The waiter was super talky talky talky, and when we finally placed our order, he came back to the table.

Waiter: So, we’re having a competition amongst the servers, and it’s to see who can find the table with the most interesting fact.

Someone at the table: Well, what kind of fact are you looking for?

Waiter: See that lady over there? She can sing “Happy Birthday” in Japanese.

Sara: *whispers to Peter* I could totally win this with my job.

Peter: *not whispering* Say it.

Sara: *sigh* I have an interesting fact. And you will win.

Waiter: Ok! Go!

Sara: I’m in international sales.

Waiter: …

Sara: I coordinate shipments to various parts of the world. Shipments of dairy and beef bull semen.

Waiter: … Let me go tell my manager.

He won. But we didn’t get any free dessert or anything.

And now you all know what I do. It’s a fun fact that you can tell your friends.  And then win prizes (hopefully you won’t get jipped like we did).

Now let’s all get our giggles out because I sell semen and move on with our lives.


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