I’m up to my eyebrows in severe weather.

Not that I want you to feel sorry for me or anything.

But you can if you want.  

We’re only expecting like, 10 inches of snow or something.

How is the Easter bunny going to get around this weekend?

I hope he still comes!!!

That reminds me.  

This one time, Jenna and I had to go out to the barn on Easter morning (around 4AM), and when we were in the basement getting ready to go outside, I heard the Easter bunny.

He was coming from upstairs.

We never figured it out.


1 thought on “I’m up to my eyebrows in severe weather.

  1. I gave the Easter Bunny your new address in Green Bay. Sure hope he shows up there, because he knows you don't live on Mohawk Road anymore.May be Laura will share something from her Easter basket with you. Nah…probably not!


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